What You Need To About Saffron For Weight Loss

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The best chefs in the world make sure they have a supply of saffron in their kitchen. This much sought after spice is renowned for its unique flavor and rarity. Its also considered the most expensive spice in the world.

But how is saffron extract good for weight loss?

Many proponents of saffron extract claim it can provide a number of health benefits. One of these benefits is weight loss and this has resulted in many health companies producing their own saffron for weight loss supplements.

Just recently its profile and reputation was increased further by Dr Oz who hailed saffron extract as a “miracle appetite suppressant”.

In this article I reveal the facts about Saffron Extract, how it works, the benefits, what to watch out for and guidelines on choosing a good quality supplement.

What Is Saffron Extract

Saffron is actually derived from the crocus sativus flower. The flower produces a reddish orange stem that is used to create the saffron spice for cooking.

These stems have to be plucked by hand, and its estimated that 80,000 flowers are required to produce only 1 pound of Saffron. Its for this reason, saffron is considered the most expensive spice in the world.

Saffron Weight Loss Benefits

Saffron has an enhancing effect on serotonin – a hormone – produced by the body. Serotonin influences your appetite and your moods.

Many clinical studies show a lack of serotonin has a direct influence on binge eating and making unhealthy choices regarding food and diet. By increasing serotonin levels you’re more able to control food cravings.

Higher levels of serotonin in the brain make you feel better and more positive and in this state of mind you tend to eat less.

So it seems the extract from the saffron crocus helps you avoid high calorie and sugar laden snacks that are making you fat. In addition, by feeling more positive about yourself you have more control of your emotional eating habits.

Its also believed Saffron Extract has appetite suppressant properties that  make you feel fuller faster. The advantage here, is you’ll tend to eat less because you experience a fullness sensation more quickly, which is particularly beneficial if you’re a fast eater.

Does It Really Work

Like me, I’m sure you’re skeptical with the outlandish claims often made by diet pill companies. Personally, I want to see these claims backed up with clinical evidence. So I carried out my own research and was surprised to find a considerable amount of research had already been done on saffron.

For example, a 2010 study published by Elsevier found that taking saffron could help people control their compulsive eating. This saffron extract study involved a group of 60 overweight women divided into a placebo group and the controlled group. The  controlled group were given a dietary supplement containing saffron extract over a period of 8 weeks.

The study results revealed the women in the saffron control group experienced a significant reduction in their snacking. This also had the beneficial side effect of reducing their weight.

Interestingly, the authors of the study remarked on the supposedly mood enhancing properties of saffron may have had a significant influence on the women’s ability to withstand the temptation to snack.

I couldn’t find any other saffron extract for weight loss studies, however I did find other clinical studies that found saffron satiereal extract could provide an alternative to chemotherapy in the treatment cancer as well as depression and the effects of premenstrual syndrome.

What Are Real People Saying About Saffron Extract

As with any dietary supplement you have to be careful because there are unscrupulous companies that do take advantage of people who are desperate to lose weight. Fortunately,  the first thing you notice when reading people’s reviews is that Saffron Extract not only helped them lose weight, it also improved their quality of life.

For example, here’s what Lisa from Syracuse had to say:

“I lost 23 pounds using Saffron Extract! I’m more active and am now able to keep up with kids. I would recommend Saffron Extract to anyone who is seriously looking to shed unwanted pounds”

And Jonathan from Salt Lake City revealed:

“Since losing weight with saffron extract I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. This is the turning point that I needed to live a healthier lifestyle.”

What Else Do You Need To Know About Saffron Extract

Its important to emphasize at this stage that eating a low calorie diet and taking regular exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Taking Saffron extract as a supplement could prove a useful way to help you avoid snacking, which for most people, is the main reason they can’t lose weight effectively and consistently.

In relation to saffron extract side effects there are no reported incidences, which is not surprising as its a completely natural product.

There’s also no official guidelines on the recommended daily dosage amount. However, in the clinical study I mentioned earlier the women in the control group took 176.5mgs of satiereal saffron extract twice a day over an 8 week period.

How fast you will see results will depend on your own physiology and lifestyle. The women who took part in the clinical trial began seeing results within 8 weeks, although calorie intake was left unrestricted throughout the duration of the study.

I would assume that taking a saffron extract supplement in conjunction with a low calorie diet and regular exercise you should experience weight loss a lot sooner than this.

What Is The Best Saffron Extract Supplement

Saffron extracts high profile and growing reputation as an effective natural safe weight loss pill has resulted in many supplements coming onto the market recently. A few of these are good quality and are worth the money, however many use inferior or low grade ingredients. They may come in a fancy bottle, but they’re completely worthless.

A good quality supplement should….

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  • Contain 100% pure premium saffron extract
  • Have no extra fillers, binders or added ingredients
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory

That’s why we recommend Saffron Extract Select. Not only does this natural supplement tick all the boxes above, it also comes with a money back gurantee so you can try it risk free. If it doesn’t work for you simply get your money back.

If compulsive overeating and snacking is a problem is for you, then clinical studies show that taking a good quality like Saffron Extract Select can help you.

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