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Pure Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Pill Review – Good For Fat Loss?

raw green coffee bean There’s one thing many of us can’t do without and that’s a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. It wakes us up and gets us ready for the day.

Most of us are familiar with coffees eye-opening properties, however recent clinical studies reveal raw coffee bean extract may have fat fighting qualities. The green coffee bean weight loss link has created quite a buzz  in the diet world. In fact, many high profile TV personalities have become huge fans.

Dr Oz considers the extract of green coffee beans a ‘miracle product’.

Whether these clinical studies have any credibility or not, bottles of green coffee bean extract in health stores and online have are literally flying of the shelves as people cannot wait to get their hands on them.

Weight Loss Claims

The initial buzz surrounding the natural green coffee bean originated from a placebo controlled trial published in the Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.

The 22 week clinical trial, that was conducted in India, involved 16 overweight people who were given a supplement containing pure green coffee bean extract.

Clinical test revealed an average weight loss off 18 pounds and 16% reduction in body fat

Each participant received a low (700 mgs) and high (1050 mgs) dosage of coffee bean extract including a placebo pill during different stages of the study.

All participants were advised not to change their normal eating and exercise routines. At the end of the study, the results revealed an average weight loss of 18 pounds and a 16% drop in their total body fat.

Dr Mehmet Oz is a huge proponent of raw green coffee beans and even considers them to be a ‘miracle’ food’. Unfortunately, he received a lot of criticism for making this statement.

In response to this, Dr Oz conducted his own trial to back up his statement. The 2 week study involved 100 women from the Dr Oz shows audience. Half of the women were given green coffee extract supplements while another group was given a dummy pill.

The dosage amounts used in this study were higher (3 x 400 mgs per day) compared to the Indian study. Participants were also asked to keep a daily food journal.

Both these studies show promising results, however its important to bear in mind the Indian study only involved 16 people and the Dr Oz only lasted 2 weeks.

At the moment, there needs to be more comprehensive studies undertaken to determine green coffee beans long term fat loss potential.

Raw Green Coffee Bean Health Benefits

coffee health benefitsIt may be one of the most popular beverages, but coffee receives more than its fair share of bad press.

If its not been blamed for depriving us of sleep its causing us more anxiety and giving us the jitters.

There’s no doubt that drinking large amounts coffee can cause adverse side effects, however coffee consumption is also linked to a number of health benefits.

Recent research shows that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and contribute to weight loss.

Green Beans Fat Absorbing Antioxidant

Coffee contains a natural compound that reduces inflammation, a root cause of cell degeneration and disease.

However, its the beneficial effect on the bodies blood sugar levels that is key to this natural compounds fat burning benefits.

The truth is, controlling blood sugar levels has a major influence on how well we manage our energy and weight.

Too little and we start to feel hungry, tired and irritable, too high and the glucose is converted into excess fat that lines our arteries and liver.

In addition,the chemical found in the raw beans helps to: 

  • balance blood glucose levels
  • inhibit the absorption of fat and
  • help the body covert carbohydrates into energy more efficiently.

Other clinical tests revealed the beans helping to lower blood pressure, however these findings were from clinical tests carried out on rats, not humans. So, what is this special compound?

Its actually an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid and natural green coffee beans contain high levels of it.

Studies Suggest Chlorogenic Acid Slows Fat Absorption And Stimulates The Metabolism Of Excess Fat

Interestingly, much of the findings reveal that raw coffee beans have higher levels of chlorogenic acid compared to roasted coffee beans.

Its the high temperatures from the roasting process that destroys up to 90% most of the beneficial antioxidant.

How To Take It

The size of capsules can vary in size from as small as 200 mgs to as high as 800 mgs. In the Dr Oz study participants took 400 mgs of green coffee bean extract three times a day, making a total intake of 1200 mgs per day.

This would be considered the maximum amount to take and people are strongly advised to stay within the recommended dosage. Taking more than the recommended amount is not going to make you lose more calories in less time.

Even though the ingredients are natural, herbal dietary supplements do not come under the strict guidelines of the FDA. The supplement should not be taken for an extended period.

The maximum amount of time that you should take the pill is 12 weeks. For best results it is recommended you take the supplement with a glass of water, 30 minutes before your meal.

Are There Any Side Effects

None of the scientific trials uncovered any evidence regarding significant side effects after using a pure green coffee bean supplement.

This would suggest the supplement is safe for the majority of people, however there are a number of suggested guidelines to consider before you begin losing weight with green coffee bean diet pills.

Always speak to your doctor if you already have a medical condition, especially the following conditions;

  • angina
  • heart trouble
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • irritable bowel syndrome

Pregnant women should avoid taking diet pills during pregnancy and while breast feeding. If you drink a lot if coffee consider cutting down before going on a green coffee bean diet plan as the unroasted beans contain caffeine.

What People Are Saying

Initially skeptical – Many men and women were skeptical before taking the supplement, but were pleasantly surprised when they actually started losing weight.

Eating less – After taking the supplement for a while the majority of people noticed a change in their appetite, they felt less hungry during meal times, which helped them reduce their calorie intake.

Energy boost – Many people have experienced a boost in energy levels, however the amount of energy tends to differ from person to person.

Average weight loss – Most people didn’t lose as much weight as revealed in the Indian and Dr Oz trial, however they did experience weight loss with an average of  2 pounds per week.

How To Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract

Lets be honest here, the only effective way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake by eating a low calorie diet and taking regular exercise.

If you think you’re going to miraculously shed fat by taking this supplement without lifting a finger, then you are going to be disappointed.

Raw Coffee beans appetite suppressing properties make you less hungry, you feel you’re not – depriving yourself.

However, a green bean extract dietary supplement can help you avoid the trap that causes most people to fail at dieting. You see, depriving yourself of the food you like, especially carbohydrates, is painful.

Most people can’t hack it. They give in and the weight goes back on.

The good thing about green coffee beans is their appetite suppressing properties. They make you feel less hungry, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

In this way, you can painlessly avoid those periods when the hunger pangs become unbearable, because you won’t be feeling them.

Choosing Best Raw Green Coffee Pills

As a result of all the hype surrounding the weight loss benefits of green coffee extract, many products have flooded the market.

Unfortunately, most of these products are worthless because they contain inferior ingredients and excessive amounts of fillers and bulking agents.raw coffee beans Always use your due diligence and don’t be fooled into buying an inferior product.

Make sure you choose a green coffee bean dietary supplement with chlorogenic acid. This should be listed on the bottle as either GCA, which stands for green coffee antioxidant, or Svetol.

Furthermore, many supplements are promoted as being ‘pure’. If you see this on the label without either GCA or Svetol, do not buy it. This goes the same for pills that don’t list the ingredients on the bottle.

According to Dr Oz, the best green coffee beans to lose weight should contain a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid. So, to recap. When choosing a quality supplement make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • contains at least 45%  of GCA (green coffee bean antioxidant) or Svetol chlorogenic acid
  • Low caffeine levels
  • labels should list all ingredients
  • zero artificial ingredients
  • zero binders
  • zero fillers

Our Recommendations

Our recommended product is Awesome Green Coffee by Slimming.com.

Not onlyawsome green coffee extract does it meet the above criteria, it also contains 50% chlorogenic acid from (GCA) green coffee antioxidant extract, that’s 5% more than Dr Oz’s minimum recommendation.

Each bottle contains sixty 800 mg capsules, which is one of the highest dosage amounts on the market.

Its completely 100% natural, so there are no side effects to worry about.

Latest Update: Slimming.com are running a limited discount offer with 25% off the recommended price.

If your interested in saving money click the link below.

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