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Proactol XS Reviews – Can This Fat Binder Really Make You Thin

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Brand: Proactol – XS

Produced by: Bauer Nutrition

Category: Non prescriptive fat binder and appetite suppressor

Delivery: Worldwide

Price per item: £24.95/US$38

Special promotions: Free Shipping on certain orders

Description: Medically certified fat binder that does not require a prescription – comes with 30 day money back guarantee

Best and safe place to buy: Official Website

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The Proactol XS review that you’re about to read is unbiased, factual and well researched. Its not a hyped up sale pitch like many of the other reviews you’ll find on the internet.

We’ve wrote it with the aim of helping you to decide whether Proactol is the right product for you.

What Is Proactol XS

Proactol is a natural fat binder which means the ingredients bind or stick to fat molecules. This binding process prevents the fat molecules from being absorbed and instead are eliminated from your body as waste.

Although Proactol is clinically proven to prevent up to 28% of fat being absorbed by the body – it is not a miracle pill. For best results, Proactol should be taken along side a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Here are the key facts on Proactol:

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  • Clinically proven fat binder using the powdered extract from prickly pear plant in the form of tablets.
  • A fully regulated weight management product certified under the EEC Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Ingredients are officially certified by the Vegetarian Society and ECOcert SAS in France as being 100% organic.
  • Uses a patented formula of soluble and insoluble fibers extracted from the Opuntia Ficas Indica cactus plant which is better known as the prickly pear.
  • Proactol diet pills are free from any chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or additives.

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How Proactol XS Works

The insoluble and soluble fiber extracted from the prickly pear helps you lose weight by preventing the absorption of fat and suppressing your appetite. 

Insoluble fiber is what we often called ‘roughage’ and is well known to keep you regular and your colon healthy. As its insoluble it can’t be absorbed by the body and therefore remains intact as it goes through your system. This makes insoluble fiber a very effective fat binder.

When fat enters your stomach an enzyme called lipase is released in your smaller intestines. Lipase breaks down fat into smaller molecules and converts them into glycerol’s and fatty acids which are easier for your body to absorb.

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Interesting fact…..

By binding to fat molecules, Proactol prevents them from being digested. Instead they are eliminated from your body as waste. Simple but effective.


In our opinion, this approach is considerably safer because it focuses on the food you’re eating –  not manipulating the hormonal balances of your brain which many prescription weight loss pills are designed to do.

The soluble fiber converts into a viscous liquid that slows down the absorption of glucose. This reduces food cravings by making you feel fuller for longer.

What Doctors Are Saying

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There have been several independent clinical trials proving Proactols effectiveness and safety.

For example, the findings of a recent pilot study revealed;

“Analysis showed that across all age groups, a significant number of trial users reported successful weight management over the total period of the trial.Therefore, it is valid to claim that the product can be used as ‘an effective aid to weight management alongside the clinical studies”

Concerning possible side effects of the product, analysis showed that there were no significant side effects to product use. It is therefore valid to claim that the product does not lead to significant negative side effects.”


We’ve all some time bought a weight loss product in the hope that it would work, only to find out later that we’ve waster are time and money.

That’s why we only recommend that you only use a weight loss product that’s clinically proven to produce results without damaging your health. You can also read these consumer reviews and feedback from people who have used the product.

Side Effects: Is Proactol Safe?

As Proactol is made from the prickly pear plant the ingredients are 100% natural. There are also no additives, artificial colorings,flavorings or sodium used.

We haven’t found any significant side effects that have been reported about Proactol. Some people have experienced gas and bloating, however this is a common effect when you increase your intake of insoluble fiber.

However, there are precautions for certain groups of people.

If you have intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or an inflammatory bowel disease, then you should consult with your doctor before using Proactol.

It is not recommended if you’re pregnant and for children under the ages of 12.

Increasing your intake of both insoluble and soluble fiber could lead to slower bowel movements and even constipation, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

There are two concerns we all have when taking weight loss supplements is whether they’re effective and safe for our body.

Many slimming products make big claims but these are rarely backed up by scientific and clinical trials. Many contain chemicals and additives that lead to unpleasant and even life threatening side effects.

In fact, many of these products are untested and unregulated. However, we were reassured to know that Proactol has received the CE stamp of approval and is actually recommended by genuine doctors and medical practitioners.

Best Place To Buy Protocol

At the moment you can only buy Proactol online which may be an issue if your not confident about shopping online.

Another drawback with buying online are the shipping costs. Fortunately, the manufacturers do offer you a deal that includes free shipping, up to a 50% discounts and a £50 cash back when you order today. Also by buying in bulk the unit price decreases.

How To Get The Best Out Of Proactol

The best way is to swallow 2 to 3 tablets with a glass of water straight after a meal.

proactol plus dietIf eating a meal containing high fat foods such as a hamburger with fries you increase the dosage to 3 to 4 tablets. In order to maintain your current weight consistently, then take between 1 or 2 tablets a day.

The fact is, certain people are going to lose weight quicker than others. We’ve learned that most people have experienced significant changes to their weight when using Proactol for 3 to 4 months.

However, if your going use Proactol as an excuse to eat more fatty foods, then weight loss is going to take much longer.

We believe that if you watch your diet, exercise regularly and take 1 or 2 tablets a day you’ll have no problem in maintaining a healthy weight.

Recap: The Positives And Negatives


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  • Clinically proven and effective fat burner
  • Certified and regulated for safety
  • Completely natural with no reported significant side effects
  • 100 % certified organic ingredients
  • Reduces fat absorption by up to 28%
  • Reduces appetite
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Customer discount offers and promotions with savings up to 50%
  • 180 day money back guarantee


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  • Can only be purchased online
  • Not suitable during pregnancy
  • People with chronic digestive problems or other health issues should consult a doctor
  • Insoluble fiber may cause bloating or gas

Our Verdict

Overall Proactol ticks most of the right boxes. Its 100% natural ingredients which gives you the peace of mind that you’re  not damaging your body.

Unlike many diet supplements, Proactol is clinically proven to work. This is reassuring to know because you’re not wasting your money on a product built on hype.

There are a few drawbacks, but they’re mostly precautionary. Only being available on-line maybe a problem for some due to the shipping and handling fees. However, if you buy a 3 months supply these  charges are waived and you can qualify for up to 50% discounts and cash back deals.

Overall, we consider Proactol XS to be one of the safest weight loss products on the market and as it comes with a 6 month money back guarantee it clearly shows the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in the quality of their product.

We must warn you that recently several Proactol scam websites have appeared all over the internet. Therefore, only buy Proactol Plus from the official site.

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