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5 Crazy Extreme Weight Loss Diet Ideas

Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plans

extreme weight loss dietPeoples insatiable appetite to find the fastest weight loss method possible seems unquenchable.

The huge demand has resulted in flooding the market with numerous fad diets promoting rapid weight loss.

Many of these products come in the guise of celebrity weight loss plans endorsed and promoted by the latest Hollywood stars and celebs.

The recurring theme with these diets is that to lose weight you need to seriously restrict the amount of calories you’re eating each day.

As pointed out earlier, these extreme diets can encourage you to eat as little as 500 calories a day.

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These diets can be dangerous, especially if the extreme calorie restriction lasts for more than 6 to 7 days.


Rapid weight loss is achieved through a combination of cardio workouts and replacing solid food with nutritional drinks.

The exercises focus on increasing you body’s metabolism so that you burn more calories faster. The liquid drinks are low in calories to further restrict the weight you put on.

Many companies promoting these extreme slimming diets also sell extreme weight loss pills, books and recipes and can be quite expensive.

Its important to re-emphasize – these diets should only be considered as a short term answer as risking health with prolonged calorie restriction can lead to weakness, dizziness, fatigue, low blood sugar levels and malnutrition.


Rapid weight loss diets may produce fast results but you have to think at what cost to your health. Losing weight rapidly is not natural for the body, unless its sick.

You should also have your health and blood pressure checked out by a doctor before you decide to use these  extreme fat loss methods.

In many cases, the weight loss is due to water retention and not actually fat loss. That’s why many people initially experience their weight going down and are then surprised when it soon goes back on again.

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