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5 Crazy Extreme Weight Loss Diet Ideas

  The Diet Tongue Patch

diet tongue patch

Invented by aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr Nickolas Chugay, the diet tongue patch is actually sewn on to the tongue to prevent you from overeating.

The patch, which is made from materials that have been used in other surgical procedures, is stitched onto tongue.

Its temporary and can remain on the tongue from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on how long the target weight is reached.

The patch makes it difficult and uncomfortable to swallow solid foods. Therefore, the only option is to drink liquids.

According to 6abc Action News:

“Patients follow a liquid only diet that Dr. Chugay says provides adequate nutrition, but restricts calories to 800 a day.”

Although some of Dr Nickolas Chugay patients have lost weight, other doctors are concerned about these type of extreme weight loss methods being too risky.

For example, one medical doctor raised the concern that stitching the tongue can increase the risk of infection.

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There’s a risk the patch could detach itself from the tongue and become trapped in the air pipe.


Dr Howard Krein, a ear, nose and throat specialist at Jefferson University Hospital has a few concerns about the patch.

“Certainly anytime you are invading or stitching into the tongue, you have risk of infection, you have risk of swelling, certainly nerve damage or even tissue necrosis,”

In its defence, Dr Chugay says he does provide his patients with a course of antibiotics. He also recognized that the tongue patch is an extreme way to lose weight.

However, he believes that it can help people control the amounts they eat, even when the tongue patch is removed.

However, this method does not come cheap. One course, which also includes the diet drinks, will set you back US$1800.


This is an extreme way to lose weight. Although people have lost weight by using the patch there are far more easier, safer less expensive ways to lose weight.

You also have to question the state on mind of the person who will opt for this.

Resorting to this shocking weight loss method shows a clear sign the person has deep underlying emotional issue with overeating.

Sewing a patch on their tongue is certainly not going to address the real problem. This also means that once the patch is removed the odds that the old eating habits will return are high.

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