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Does Meratol Work Or Is It A Waste Of Money



Brand: Meratol

Manufacturer: Advanced Health
Category: Carb blocker

Delivery: Worldwide (excl Brazil)

 Price Per Bottle: £34.99/US$53.95

Brief description: Advanced weight management complex that may block carbohydrate intake

Special deals: Buy 4 get 1 free (includes free delivery) equates to £19.59/US$29.99 per bottle

Best place to buy: Official website

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These days its very easy to become skeptical about weight loss pills and the amazing claims they make.

Folks are becoming wise to the empty promises made by diet pill manufacturers who are interested in only making money than genuinely helping people lose weight.

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The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned cash on a product that raises your hopes only to discover its been a complete waste of time and money.

So, does Meratol work or is it a complete waste of  time and money?

Lets evaluate the facts.

First Of All What Exactly Is Meratol?

Meratol is a relatively new slimming pill that was introduced onto the market in April 2010.

Its categorized as a carb blocker and is made from 4 natural ingredients that include

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  • Capsicum extract – speeds up your metabolism – burn more calories
  • prickly pear extract – effective fat binding properties
  • Brown seaweed extract – stops you absorbing carbohydrates
  • Caffeine – helps sustain energy and combats fatigue

These 4 ingredients have been specifically chosen by the makers of Meratol to:

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  • Reduce calorie intake
  • Block carbohydrates
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Burn more calories
  • Reduce fatigue

As you can see, this combination of ingredients combat weight gain on 4 different levels, helping  you lose fat more effectively and quickly.

How Does This Work

The best way to understand how Meratol works is to understand how the ingredients interact with your body.

Fortunately, these ingredients are natural which means you’re not going to experience the nasty side effects often associated with prescription and over the counter diet pills.

Prickly Pear

Meratol’s main ingredient is the prickly pear, which is actually a species of cactus that grows mainly in Mexico. This cactus is considered to have many health benefits. For example, the fibers within the prickly pear are known to have excellent fat binding qualities.

This means they attach themselves to fat molecules, making them too big for your digestion to absorb.

Rather than going on your thighs and hips fat is harmlessly passed out of your system as waste.

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A clinical study undertaken by Dr Christian Diehl of Lyon University, France, found that overweight patients lost on average 4.5 pound each month without a huge reduction in their intake of calories when taking prickly pear extract


Interviewed by the UK Daily Telegraph Dr Christian Diehl explained;

“The fibres and gums in the extract appear to bind with ingested sugar and fat in the digestive tract,” says Dr Diehl. “This binding action reduced the absorption of sugars and fats, leaving them undigested and eliminated by the body, aiding weight loss.”

According to their own studies Meratol can bind up to 28% of the fat you eat from food.

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Capsicum Extract

Capsicum or chilli pepper benefits your body in two ways.

Firstly, the pepper contains compounds called capsaicinoids. These create a thermogenic effect – which simply means it raises your body’s temperature.

This increases your metabolism and your ability to burn calories.

Secondly, capsicum acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Besides making you feel fuller for longer, Meratol helps you avoid snacking on high calorie chocolate and cookies.

Brown Algae or Seaweed

The health benefits of brown seaweed are many and include cancer prevention, blood thinning, reducing inflammation and maintaining healthier hair and nails.

Besides lowering cholesterol, brown seaweed can reduce the build up of excess carbohydrates that can be converted into fat.

This is important, because fat isn’t the only reason why you’re putting on weight.

Too much refined carbohydrates and sugar is the probably the main reason why you can’t lose weight.

These two food sources affect your blood sugar levels – which controls your appetite. As your blood sugar rises the excess sugar is converted into fat which is stored in your cells.

Our Verdict

Meratol is completely natural so its definitely safe and no significant side effect have been reported by people who have used this carb blocker.

However, the key question we want answered – does Meratol work?

Although the official Meratol diet website claims you can lose weight without exercise we would not fully support this claim.

Yes, some people may experience weight loss without doing any exercise, but we’d say they’re in the minority.

The truth is, natural ingredients don’t work that way. You have to meet them half way. They can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster as long as you’re moving your body.

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When you take Meratol don’t expect to lose weight miraculously – there’s no such thing as a miracle diet pill.


However, we’re impressed with the combination of Meratol’s ingredients.

They’re specifically designed to tackle fat at 4 different levels – this means your success of losing weight and keeping it off is substantially increased.

If you’re looking for a safe natural slimming pill that prevents you from snacking and helps you increase the rate of calorie burn while exercising –  then we highly recommend Meratol.

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