Best Fat Burners


Unique fat burner that contains  5-HTP (5-capsiplex ingredientshydroxytrytophan) – a natural amino acid – known to produce serotonin. Better known as the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin makes you feel better. Capsiplex can make you feel more motivated and energized to achieve your dieting goals.


  • contains 100% natural ingredients
  • many celebrity endorsements
  • unique pill design prevents stomach irritation
  • money back guarantee


  • expensive however, great savings available on the multi-buy offers

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 Fen Burn – Fat Burner

Fen Burn is a new fat burner supplement. Its new thermogenic fat reduction formula fenburn-bottlehelps boost the body’s metabolic rate. This creates a thermogenic effect, were the body is forced to burn up its fat reserves for energy, even when resting.


  • burns fat while increasing energy and endurance
  • contains 8 natural ingredients
  • multiple price discount offers


  • no money back gurantee
  • may effect sleep if taken after 3pm

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Caralluma Burn

Appetite suppressor with the natural ingredient caralluma fimbriata, a cactus likecaralluma burn appetite suppressant plant grown in India. Historically it was chewed by the native tribes to ward off hunger while strengthening endurance during long hunting trips.


  • helps with appetite control
  • increases endurance
  • regulates sugar levels
  • clinical trials show caralluma fimbriata suppresses the appetite


  • mild side effects may include intestinal gas and constipation

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