Best Safe Weight Loss Pills

To find the best and safest weight loss supplements – over 75 dieting products – were evaluated based on the following criteria:[

  • Contains 100% natural ingredients 
  • Clinically tested with proven results
  • No serious side effects
  • No interference with hormone levels
  • Offers great value for money

From those 75 products we found 3 slimming supplements that ticked every box to qualify as the best.

Best Diet Pills For 2019

Best Fat Binder – Proactol XS

proactol smallClinically proven fat binder – binds up to 800 x its own weight in fat.

Reduces fat intake and cholesterol levels without physiologically changing your body.

Fully regulated, certified under EEC Directives and recommended by medical doctors.

5 star rating

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Best Natural Fat Burner – Capsiplex

capsiplex smallClinically proven metabolism booster pill containing natural capsicum pepper extract.

Controlled study results in people burning 278 extra calories.

Contains natural compound that helps burn 12 times more calories.

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Best Natural Carb Blocker – Meratol

Very popular weight management supplement with a track record of helping people lose weight

Contains potent mix of 4 natural ingredients that does far more than burn calories.

Makes you look and feel better!

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Safe And Unsafe Diet Supplements

Safe weight loss pills are essential if you want to lose weight without putting your health at risk

The truth is, weight loss is big business. Everywhere you look you’ll see commercials for numerous slimming products and prescription diet pills.

Many of these products are promoted as miracle products claiming to shed belly fat without you having to lift a finger.

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Unfortunately many popular diet products are unregulated, the ingredients are not properly tested and  consist of unnecessary synthetic fillers and bulking agents


Even certain ‘natural’ and herbal dieting supplements can be dangerous because the ingredients are not tested or regulated.

To avoid these pitfalls you need to know what to avoid and this is what our website sets out to do – educate you and recommend weight loss pills that are safe.

The fact is , most people want safe weight loss slimming pills to give them the …….

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  • peace of mind knowing they’re not harming their health and
  • that they actually work!

FDA Approval Doesn’t Mean Safe Diet Pills

That’s right, not even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can get it right every time. In the past, FDA approved weight loss supplements have come under scrutiny following tests that categorized them as unsafe.

An example is phentermine, an appetite suppressant drug that was approved by the FDA (as a safe drug to loose weight.

Phentermine has the same characteristics as amphetamines and has been associated with a numerous side effects including heart problems, tremors and mood swings. It is also highly addictive.

Phentermine is still approved by the FDA, however since been aware of the health risks they’ve changed their position on its safety and advise caution in using this drug.

The UK have taken a more serious view and rarely prescribe slimming drugs containing phentermine.

There are several other chemical drugs including phenolphthalein,sibutramine and ephedrine that were once deemed as safe but are now considered unsafe due to their side effects and health concerns.

How Unsafe Diet Pills Can Do Harm

First of all, the chemicals contained within many prescription weight loss drugs are automatically toxic to your body and that alone is going to cause side effects.

For example, its not uncommon to experience nausea, heartburn, high blood pressure and other unpleasant symptoms.

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In fact, many slimming pills and weight loss medications are designed to interfere or manipulate the hormonal and neurological functions of your brain.


For example ephedrine, which was banned by the FDA, was taken off the market in 2004 after been linked to over 800 related deaths and 1400 side affect complaints.

As a key ingredient in many fat burner diet pills, ephedrine acted as a metabolic stimulant that released stored fat.

The truth is, your body is highly complex and its hormonal functions are all interlinked. This means manipulating hormones that suppress your appetite can have a knock on effect elsewhere in the body.

As with all stimulants they provide a short term fix. Once you’ve stopped taking them your body returns to the weight it.

This causes a familiar pattern of yo-yo dieting which medical research is revealing can also be harmful to your long term health.

In order, to maintain the weigh you’ve lost you have to keep taking these stimulants in greater doses. This makes them highly addictive.

A far safer approach is to use healthy weight loss pills that are chemical free and contain 100% natural ingredients.