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Weight Loss Belts – A Must Have Or A Waste Of Money

Losing weight isn’t easy, it takes time and willpower. For this reason, products that come on to the market with claims they’ll make losing weight easier and faster are going be popular and in demand. One such product is the weight loss belt.

Unfortunately, the weight loss market is well known for its fads, gimmicks and slick advertising marketing. So, are waist loss belts just another gimmick are can they really help you lose weight. Lets find out….

What Are Weight Loss Belts

Before we begin, lets explain what they are. You wear the diet belt snugly around your abdominal area and lower back. This means slimming belts can range from 7 to 10 inches in width. The length of the belt can vary depending on the brand you buy.

Certain brands have one size fits all, whereas others sell belts separately in small, medium, large, XL, XXL and so on.

The majority of belts are made from a highly flexible synthetic rubber material called neoprene. If haven’t heard of this material before, its its widely used in the manufacture of scuba diving and surfing wet suits.

The primary reason why dieting belts are made of neoprene is due to its insulating properties. When wrapped around your waist it keeps your body warm and the thermogenic (warming) effect enables you to burn more calories.

Weight loss belts have become very popular and are available in many major retailers and online stores. Two well known best sellers are the Slim Away Belt and the Belly Burner Belt.

Types Of Belts Available

The vast majority of belts will have electrical contacts sewn into the neoprene material. These contacts send electrical pulses that stimulate the muscles causing them to expand and contract.

This artificial stimulation is believed to tone the muscles and reduce fat around the waistline. The second type is the basic neoprene belt without any electrical contacts. This version relies on the insulating properties of the neoprene and the compression from being snuggly wrapped around your waste to help you lose weight.

Do They Work

If you’re going to spend money on exercise & fitness equipment you’ll want to know if there worth the investment. Weight loss and fitness belts are often promoted as an easy and quick way to lose weight.

These claims are based on the electrical pulses giving your muscles a workout. The muscle contractions combined with an increase in body heat are claimed to burn off calories without you having to make an effort – which sounds great. Now, these claims aren’t untrue.

The fact is, electrical pulses can stimulate our abdominal muscles and the insulating properties of the neoprene can  increase the rate of calorie burn. However, the number of calories you can burn are going to be very small and this will have little impact on your overall weight. If you’re going to rely solely on using the belt to lose weight, then you’ll be disappointed with the results.

The truth is, losing weight effectively requires a combination of regular exercise and healthy nutrition. Unfortunately, many people buy these belts as there only means of trying to lose weight and its up being a waste of their time and money.

Conversely, some people take things to the extreme. They think they’ll lose more weight by over training, however this often leads to exhaustion and injury because their muscles never have time to rest and recover They believe the more pain they endure the more they’ll gain, but if the muscles aren’t allowed to rest and recover they have a greater risk of exhaustion and injury.

Another point to remember is that a weight loss belt is not for everyone. Because of the electrical circuits woven into the belt they’re not suitable for people who use a pacemaker or have a weak heart.

To recap, weight loss belts can work, but on their own the results will be minimal. For this reason, these belts should be used as part of a regular fitness and exercise program. The added support a belt can provide makes it suitable for  flexibility exercises such as yoga and Pilates.

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