U Weight Loss Reviews

U Weight Loss call themselves a health and wellness company who sell personalized weight loss and lifestyle change programs.

The company claim their diet programs set them apart from the rest of the competition because they are scientifically based and developed by medical doctors, nutritional consultants and naturopath’s.

U Weight Loss offer a number of paid personalized dieting programs. The company has over 60 weight loss centers throughout Canada.

U Weight Philosophy

One of the reasons why most diets are ineffective is because the ‘one fits all approach’ does not take into consideration that each person is different.

The philosophy behind the U Weight Loss programs is that they are tailored to the individual and take into consideration their health history, metabolism and current lifestyle.

U Weight Loss Programs

The U Weight programs are based three distinct fundamentals which they claim result in more effective weight loss and longer lasting results:


The first stage of the the program begins with detoxification which is needed to lay the foundation for more effective weight loss. There’s also the added benefit that it will improve digestion and increase energy levels.

Hormonal Balance

The second stage is rebalancing your hormones as they play a vital role in regulating your metabolism and appetite. Therefore, the part of the program focuses on balancing blood sugar levels, losing body fat and maintaining muscle mass.

Increased Metabolism

The third and find stage of the U Weight Loss program is to increase your metabolism which is the rate your body burns calories.

For this stage it seems that you pick up where stage 2 left off as it it involves balancing sugar levels and preserving muscle mass. But it also includes controlling food cravings and reducing belly fat.

The Process

Below is an outline of the 5 step process

Free Self Assessment

When joining the program you are given a one to one in depth health assessment by one of U Weights certified health coaches.

This assessment is also used to determine how much fat and the type of fat you need to lose and how the program will be structured around realistic weight loss goals.

Diet and Food

When you join you are given strict meal plans. The foods used in the plan are natural and contain no additives, sweeteners or preservatives.

The meal plans are developed by U Weights nutritional consultants with an emphasis on low calorie foods with and high nutritional content. Close consideration is also given to portion sizes.

As well as dieting the program also encourages the integration of regular exercise. When you join you’re given exercise programs designed by certified fitness trainers that focus on aerobic, resistance and flexibility training.

Personal Support

The program also provides you with personal support to help motivate you through the program. This will involve you visiting your local U Weight loss clinic 2 to 3 days a week to assess your progress through the program.


Although not compulsory you are recommended by staff to take a range of weight loss supplements to help you achieve the best results.


Overall the U Weight Loss program is a very comprehensive and well thought out program. Another strong point is that program is customized to your own personal circumstances and needs.

Many one fit all diets do not take this into consideration and this is a major reason why can be ineffective.

The foods are low calorie with a focus on nutritional value and portion sizes is very good. This combined with an integrated exercise taken regularly is a surefire formula for effective weight loss.

The general feedback regarding the programs effectiveness is pretty good as the majority of people have lost weight and are happy with the results.


A major concern based on the user comments is not to do with the actual weight loss program but how the program, add on services and supplements are sold.

The fact is, the U Weight Loss program is very expensive and the full course could potentially set you back as much as US$ 4,500.

The cost is calculated on the number of weeks it takes for you to reach your goals. So, the quicker the better. On average one week coaching can set you back $30 or more.

There were several complaints about hidden charges and a lack of clarity about the total cost involves. A number of user comments mentioned surprise in being charged extra costs later on in the program.

In addition, some user complaints spoke about cancellation fees being charged when they wanted to cancel even though they were not made aware of these fees at the time of signing up.

Other customers felt they were pressurized into buying the supplements and extras that could cost as much as $125 a week.

Others found the diet restrictive with one ex customer actually saying it was not living a life at all with the amount of food you had to deprive yourself of.


Overall the U Weight Loss is a comprehensive all round weight loss program that seems to work. Unfortunately, to lose that weight you need to fork out a lot of money for a personalized program and supplements.

The truth is, the U Weight Loss program is not in any way different to most effective weight loss programs. They all incorporate the tried and tested weight loss formula of eating a low calorie diet and taking plenty of exercise – nothing new there.

However, most people fail because of commitment issues and lack of motivation and this is where U Weight Loss personal support can help.

Although the diet program seems to work, the way they push their supplements and complaints about hidden charges is a definite negative.

If you have the money to spare they are definitely worth a consideration. However, I would have them sign a contract just to ensure there are no nasty surprises later down the line.

Alternatively, you can save your money and time by eating sensibly and taking regular exercise –  and for an extra boost try any of these three dietary supplements.

They all use natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help with weight loss – and they won’t cost you a fortune either.

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