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Are There Any Proactol Side Effects

So, you want to know if there are any Proactol side effects?

You’ve seen the advertisements, read all the websites and their wonderful claims about losing weight and how its the best diet supplement for you.

But is Proactol safe and are there any side effects you should be worried about?

You have every right to be skeptical because we’re talking about your health here.

The fact is, there are diet pills on the market that can cause nasty side effects. Thankfully, Proactol is not one of them.

Proactol is safe because of the natural ingredients it uses and the way it prevents your body absorbing fat.

As I’m sure your aware Proactol comes under the category of a fat binder. These fat binder supplements work by binding together with fat molecules in the food you eat, then forming a gel-like fluid around the fat. This increases its size making it too big for your body to absorb the fat. Instead the fat is passed through your digestive system and excreted naturally as waste.

In fact, Proactol has proven to bind up to 28% dietary fat.

Unlike dangerous diet pills that suppress or block the functions and hormonal balances of the body, Proactol only targets the food you’re eating – not your body. That’s why natural fat binders are a much safer alternative to prevent you from putting on weight.

In contrast, over the counter or prescription slimming pills use chemicals that are toxic to your body. The
negative effect you can experience when taking pharmaceutical weight loss pills is your body’s reaction to getting these toxins out of your body.

You will be glad to know the Proactol fat binder uses 100% natural ingredients. The active ingredient is Neopuntia which is the  name given to the fiber extracted from the prickly pear cactus.

It turns out that several clinical studies undertaken by Bio Serae Laboratories in France have revealed these lipophilic fibers have excellent fat binding qualities that make Proactol so effective.

Although safe, you may experience the following Proactol side effects which are common with supplements that use natural fat binding fibers;

  • loose stools
  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • abdominal discomfort

The truth is, 99% of the time Proactol ingredients are very well tolerated. There have been rare occasions when people have experienced some of the minor digestive problems listed above, however these were short term and did not require any medical treatment or hospitalization.

Still Skeptical ? Here Are 4 More Reasons To Give Proactol A Try

Completely RISK Free – The makers of Proactol are very confident their popular diet pill will work for you that they’ve backed it up with a 6 month – no questions asked – money back guarantee. This means you will try Proactol risk free and if your not happy with the results you get a full refund. This makes Proactol a risk free investment for your health and wallet.

No Toxic Chemicals Or Preservatives – You have the peace of mind knowing this natural product is made from 100% organic ingredients – making it absolutely safe for your body and health. You should not be surprised to known that Proactol has passed all EU directives and is fully endorsed by the UK Vegetarian Society and EcoCert

Clinically Proven – The ingredients used in Proactol are one the most scientifically tested with over 5 clinical trials conducted regards its safety and effectiveness.

Already Making A Difference To Peoples Lives – Although relatively new, Proactive has already made an impact in helping people achieve their weight loss goals – check out these before and after pictures and see for yourself.