Is Proactol A Scam?

Proactol scam

Diet pills are perhaps the biggest and most competitive segment of the weight loss market. There are literally thousands of different pills out there, some are very good but most are crap and a waste of money.

In fact, the weight loss pill market has many scams and your right to be concerned.

There are companies selling diet and slimming supplements that make amazing claims of burning your stomach fat, lowering your cholesterol, suppressing your appetite and reducing your food cravings. However, many of these claims aren’t supported by any clinical studies or scientific results.

Another concern is the quality of the ingredients used in these weight loss dietary supplements. In recent years several companies have been prosecuted for selling unregulated imitations or products containing banned chemical drugs that have harmful effects on the human body.

In the last 5 years the FDA removed over 50 natural weight loss pills from the market because they were secretly laced with versions or analogues of pharmaceutical drugs.

Proactol Is NOT A Scam

Fortunately, Proactol, or Proactol Plus as its now called, is not a scam – far from it.

At we only recommended weight loss products that are 100% natural, fully tested, regulated and are effective. Proactol Plus meets all these criteria making it the one of the safest and most effective diet pills on the market.

In fact, there have been a number of clinical studies that show Proactol’s main ingredient Opuntia ficus-Indica has helped reduce the absorption of fat by up to 28%. Furthermore, the fat binder is recommended by over 20 medical doctors and health experts.

Proactol also complies with the requirements under the European Unions Medical Device Directive and has therefore, received CE approval.

Proactol is also approved and certified by the Ecosert SAS in France and by the UK vegetarian society.

In addition, clinical studies revealed that people doing exercise lost up to 14 pounds a month when taking this popular fat binder. As you can see, Proactol is certainly not a scam.

For further proof check out these Proactol plus review

Unfortunately, we must warn you of the many diet pill scammers that plague the weight loss supplement market. These scam websites are designed to look like the official site and it can be quite difficult to tell the difference, however there are tell tale warning signs that can help you avoid them.

How To Identify Weight Loss Scams

These are 4 common tricks that scammers use;

Free Trial Sites Scams

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – there’s no such thing as a free lunch – well, this is certainly true when it comes to ‘free trial offer’ websites. These sites also have totally biased reviews on the weight loss products they’re trying to sell you.

However, the aim of these free trial offers is to move you into a monthly paid subscription. They first tempt you with a free bottle of weigh loss pills which you qualify for when you provide them your credit card details.

If you don’t cancel within a certain time limit they will automatically start charging you a monthly fee. However, many of these scammers do not make it very clear when the free trial ends or how you can cancel.

These can be hard to cancel and you can do little else to get you money because they’re covered by a disclaimer which will be hidden out of sight or to small to read.

Weigh Loss Claims

Many weigh loss products sell because they’re either endorsed by high profile celebrities and TV presenters or contain some magic ingredient that burns fat.

The truth is, many of these claims are unsubstantiated as they’re not supported by any scientific proof.  For this reason, its important that you check the website for clinical studies.

No Customer Support

Scam sites will not have a real customer support or contact number. Why? Because their aim is to rip you off not build a trusting relationship with you. Therefore, always check that the site has a customer support or at least a contact number.

You will be glad to here that customer support is taken very seriously with the people at Proactol and they provide a dedicated 24 hour support in both the US and UK.

Scam Clone Sites

When a weight management product becomes popular many scammers set up sites that look like the official site or sell products that claim to deliver the same benefits.

Its difficult to identify a Proactol scam site from the official one as the sites can be made to look very professional.

That’s why its so important to buy safely and securely from the official Proactol site which you can do from the link below.

Buy Proactol Securely On-line Through Official Site Only