Proactol Consumer Reviews

Losing weight is often a tough and frustrating experience and anything that helps us lose fat easier and faster is definitely worth investigating.

Proactol is a top selling weight management supplement designed to help people lose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and eating a low calorie diet.

Many prescription weight loss pills contain chemicals that are toxic to the body. However Proactol ingredients are completely natural and medically certified, which gives you the peace of mind of no nasty side effects.

The primary ingredient in this weight management product is opuntia ficus-indica – a particular species of cactus that contains a non-soluble fiber with powerful fat binding properties. The fibers bind to dietary fat which prevents them from being absorbed in the body

Will Proactol Work For You

The Proactol Plus reviews in the press and media has also been positively received. In addition, famous celebrities have also been endorsing the fat binder – but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

Its important to read up on as much information as you can about Proactol as more knowledge of the pros and cons will help you make a better and more informed decision.

Proactol’s official website is a good place to start, however its important to keep in mind that its in the manufacturers interests to position their product in its best light – meaning the information is going to be biased.

That’s why its always useful to read Proactol consumer reviews that give a balanced and unbiased account of their experience with using this fat binder.The big challenge is finding these balanced reviews on Proactol. This can take time and you also need to know where to look.

Fortunately, you don’t have to because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Below you will find several Proactol customer reviews that we’ve found on and popular weight loss forums. These will give you a more balanced account of this fat binder slimming pill and whether it is suitable for you.

Positive Customer Proactol Reviews

I ordered this product and received it speedily. I have used this product before and thought it was fantastic. The only problem is the price, it is quite expensive and not every product works for everybody as nobody has the same metabolism etc. but this product was certainly a winner for me. I have tried other products such a xenislim and found this to be a total waste of money but half the price. That is the only drawback is the price, and if you have bought the product once before whether you could find vouchers for money off, that might be more of a selling option. I would quite happily order from this seller again an extremely speedy and excellent service.

Andrea UK


I have tried just about everything to help lose weight like many other people and I read reviews of this product which were very diverse. I find it works really well for me. No embarrassing side effects either – it’s also reasonably priced. At last something affordable that works without side effects!

K.H Mackenzie Scotland


This product helps absolutely good, I lost 20 pounds within 3 month without diet. AND on Christmas I didn’t put on weight I say YES for PROACTOL it’s NO waste of time and NO WASTE OF -your- MONEY.


I’ve been dieting and exercising for months, and never lost a pound until after I started taking this. It doesn’t promise to suppress your appetite. You do have to keep at it. Since starting Proactol, I broke my hand and haven’t been able to exercise much, but I’ve lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks.. which is more than I’ve lost in 6 months. I will be ordering again from the manufacturer as it IS a better deal. I was naturally skeptical.. the reviews all over the internet seem too good to be true. My only problem is that I can’t buy it in stores anywhere..which I’d prefer.. and the pills are gross and difficult to swallow.

Allison Laughlin


Great Results

I’ve got to admit I was a little wary of buying this but after lots research and lookin at success stories decided to go for it.I bought the 2mth supply with a discount code the savin was great!Well its early days yet but its the end of my first week and i’ve lost 6lb could not be happier Proactol is such a good product

Negative Customer Proactol Reviews

Not Overly Impressed

Perhaps you need to lose more than half a stone and have a high fat intake for this to work but I followed the instructions to the letter and it made no difference to me whatsoever. No side effects but an expensive experiment.


Did Not Work For Me

I really wanted this to work because it is all natural. I have always been afraid of trying all the other diet pills out there due to all the foreign ingredients and possible side affects. Maybe being pre-menopause was a determining factor in why this didn’t work but I doubt it.

Coco USA


Experienced A Lot Of Wind

Whilst using this product experienced a lot of wind and bowel movements. No weight loss achieved after taking for three months. Good thing is helps manage appetite.


“I have been using Proactol for just over 2 weeks now….”

I have been using Proactol for just over 2 weeks now. Not sure if I need to give it longer, but after reading other reviews I don’t think much will change. I can’t say it has had any effect at all. I’ve put on 3 lbs in that time, can’t say I feel more energetic and I can’t say I’ve lost the desire to snack


As you can see Proactol does not work for everyone, but that’s the case with any dietary supplement.

Personally we found Proactol’s website refreshing because its not hyped up with unrealistic claims that you’ll find on other weight loss sites.

The manufacturer also makes it clear that Proactol diet pills are not miracle drugs and are not a  substitute for regular exercise or an excuse to eat fatty foods.

Although Proactol consumer reviews are useful they’re not your own experience and the only way you can really find out if it works is to try it yourself.

Thankfully, this decision is made a lot easier because the Proactol fat binder supplement comes with a 6 month money back guarantee – an impressively long guarantee you don’t see very often. Its also a good sign the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their product.

I would suggest trying out Proactol for 4 months as that will give you plenty of time to find out if its really working for you. If you’re not happy with the results after 4 months request a full refund because your still well within the guarantee period.

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