Meratol Reviews

In this Meratol review you’ll not find any hype, just the facts, the pros and cons and our opinion on whether Meratol is worth spending your hard earned cash on.

With this in mind, the sole aim of this review is to help you make an informed decision on whether Meratol is right for you.

How Meratol Makes You Lose Weight

Although categorized as a carb blocker, Meratol has received considerable media attention because it claims to help you lose weight in 4 different ways;

  1. Boosts the body’s metabolism
  2. Burns off more calories
  3. Blocks the absorption of carbohydrates
  4. Reduces the amount of calories you consume

Meratol Ingredients

It turns out, that when developing Meratol its makers took into consideration the most common challenges people face when trying to lose weight.

These involve:

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  • slow metabolism,
  • food cravings
  • and addiction to high carb foods.

To overcome these, Meratol uses a formula of 4 natural ingredients that claims to help you shed fat.

These ingredients include;

Prickly pear – also known as Opuntia Ficas Indicas. This contains indigestible fibers that are natural fat binders. These  fibers bind to fat molecules making them too large for the body to absorb.

Capsicum – contains capsinoids which are compounds that gives peppers their distinctive ‘heat’. Capsinoids also raise your body’s metabolism which increases the rate in which you burn calories.

Brown seaweed – animal studies have shown that brown algae has a beneficial effect in reducing the negative effects of a high calories diet. Meratol uses a patented extract of brown algae called ID-alG™. Independent clinical studies conducted on ID-alG™ shows that it helps to reduce calorie absorption and suppress carbohydrate intake

Caffeine – is a well know stimulant of the central nervous system which can have certain benefits on the body. For example, caffeine stimulates the release of adrenaline which can increase your metabolic rate, increase alertness and improve your moods.

There are no clinical studies that shows caffeine has a direct effect on weight loss, however raising you metabolism can enable you to burn more calories.

As you can see, an impressive range of ingredients which are all natural, but could they cause you any health problems?

Is Meratol Safe?

Apart from caffeine, the remaining ingredients have had no reports of any significant Meratol side effects.

If we were to point out one negative it would be the caffeine as this can be addictive and may pose a problem for people with specific health problems such as high blood pressure or anxiety.

However, the amount of caffeine within Meratol is very small with only 25 mgs per tablet. Caffeine starts to become a problem if your exceeding the recommended daily intake of 500 mgs a day.

If you have high blood pressure, a history of heart problems, pregnant or you’re breastfeeding, then it would be advisable to speak to your medical doctor or physician first for advice on taking Meratol.

Proof Supporting Weight Loss Claims

There are many slimming products on-line that make many claims but they’re rarely backed up with clinical studies.

No matter what weight loss claims are made always look for supporting scientific evidence, otherwise don’t touch them.

In contrast, the manufacturers of Meratol have conducted clinical studies into three of its main ingredients.

These all include the effects of Cacti-Nea™, a water extract of the prickly pear, on water retention, ID-alG’s weight management effect on women and the effect of capsaicinoids on carbohydrate and lipid oxidation.

For example, the Cacti-Nea study involved women with water retention and after taking the water extract they experienced a positive diuretic effect as well as improved weight control.

Similar results in this separate animal study found that Cacti-Nea had a considerable diuretic effect and a beneficial effect on weight loss.

Our Verdict On Meratol

Let’s be frank, Meratol is not a miracle diet pill. If you think you’re going to lose weight by popping a few pills of Meratol everyday, then you’re going to be disappointed. For it to work you’ve got to meet it half way.

Yes, Meratol can help raise your metabolism, boost your energy levels and strengthen your stamina, but these are useless if you don’t use them.

Its refreshing to see the manufacturer hasn’t omitted this as they make it quite clear that Meratol is designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle – not replace it.

If you’re looking for a slimming product that can help you lose weight without lifting a finger, then Meratol is not for you.

However, if you want a safe natural solution that helps you lose weight, maintains your current weight  or helps you achieve far more from your exercise program, then yes, Meratol is definitely worth an investment into improving your health.

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