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Why Meratol Ingredients Make It A Safe And Effective

We believe that losing weight is important but not at the expense of your health that’s why at Safe Weight Loss Pills.com we only recommend diet pills that use natural ingredients.

In this way you can shed the pounds without having to pay the price of nasty side effects or putting your long term health at risk.

As one of our recommended products, Meratol uses a unique formula of 4 natural ingredients to help you lose weight by raising your metabolism, energy, endurance and alertness.

Lets get a better understanding of these ingredients and how they work.

Prickly Pear Extract

Also known as the opuntia ficus-indica cactus plant, the prickly pear has been used as an effective natural binder by the native people of the Americas. This cactus plant is widely grown and cultivated in Mexico, USA and the Mediterranean.opuntia ficus indica

Although more scientific testing is needed initial clinical studies do show promising results of the plants soluble fiber and its fat binding properties.

The Daily Telegraph journalist Sarah Lonsdale wrote an article detailing a study undertaken by Professor Christian Diehl, from the University of Lyon in France. She writes……

“Research by Dr Christian Diehl, of the University of Lyon in France, shows that weight loss can be achieved if the supplement is taken just before eating. Forty overweight patients who took part in the trial lost, on average, four and a half pounds of fatty tissue per month, without significantly reducing their calorie intake.

“The fibres and gums in the extract appear to bind with ingested sugar and fat in the digestive tract,” says Dr Diehl. “This binding action reduced the absorption of sugars and fats, leaving them undigested and eliminated by the body, aiding weight loss.” Also, output at the other end of the body is not as unpleasant as with Orlistat.”


It turns out that Meratol is made by the same people who makes Capsiplex – another well knowncapsicum extract natural weight loss supplement. The reason I mention this is because both supplements contain capsicum pepper as one of their active ingredients.

Capsicum extract contains compounds called capsaicinoids which give the pepper its hot spicy taste.

 Clinical tests have concluded that capsaicinoids can also increase our rate of metabolism which enables us to burn off more calories.

Brown Algae Extract

Brown algae or seaweed extract is another of Meratol’s natural ingredients that can help us control our intake of calories and reduce the negative affects of a high calorie diet.

A clinical study by Bio Serae Laboratoires into ID-alG™, the patented version of brown algae used in Meratol, found that brown algae extract was particularly adapted to overweight peaple.

Furthermore, ID-alG™ helped to reduce body weight and body fat mass and improved the figures of women with BMI’s (Body Mass Index) greater than 30.


In the media caffeine tends to receive more bad press than good. Its true that in large quantities caffeine can become habit forming, however in moderation caffeine can benefit the body in a number of ways.caffiene

In helping you lose weight, caffeine acts as a stimulant that increases your metabolic rate. Caffeine can also improve your endurance levels and delay muscle fatigue.

Many sporting athletes use caffeine to boost and prolong the intensity of their exercise routines.

The longer and more intense you exercise the more energy you use and the more calories you burn.

The amount of caffeine contained within each Meratol capsule is only 25 mg’s which is well below the maximum daily intake of 500 mg’s.

As you can clearly see – all of Meratol’s unique ingredients are 100 % natural – which makes Meratol a far safer alternative to pharmaceutical diet pills which cause unpleasant side effects. Since its release there are no reports or complaints of any significant Meratol side effects.

But the important question that needs answering………

Can Meratol Work For You

Lets face it, Meratol is not a miracle slimming pill that enables you to lose weight without any effort – no matter what claims are made about it.

To experience the best results, you need to take Meratol as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

If you want a magic pill that miraculously reduces your weight without lifting a finger – then give Meratol a miss.

On the other hand, if you’re a relatively active person that could do with a little help removing the stubborn fat around the belly or hips –  then this natural carb blocker can help you lose it.

To learn more about this natural weight loss product and the latest discount prices check out my full Meratol review.