Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss

khloe kardashian weight lossPhotos of TV reality star Khloe Kardashian recently appeared on the cover of celebrity magazine Life & Style Weekly looking very slim in her svelte bikini body.

During the interview Khloe claims she lost 20 pounds in as many days – a very impressive achievement.

So how did Khloe do it and more importantly could you do it?

Khloe’s dramatic weight loss has been credited to eating a healthy diet and taking part in intense workouts – nothing new there.

As I’m sure you know too well celebrities live in a different world to us ordinary folk and it comes as no surprise to hear that Khloe’s ‘personal chef’ played an important role in helping her shed those 20 pounds in less than three weeks.

Her personal chef has been preparing and serving her up healthy food dishes of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean white meats such as chicken and fish.

In addition to this, Khloe’s been working out with her NBA football star hubby Lamar to help her shift that stubborn belly fat.

20 Pounds in 20 Days – Great, But Will It Last………..

Khloe’s new healthy lifestyle looks like its working, but you’ve got to ask the question will this last.

Now, this may sound cynical to you, but the things is many women and especially those in the public eye have a very unhealthy attitude towards food and Khloe Kardashian has openly admitted this on many occasions.

An unhealthy relationship with food stems from having low self esteem.

Khloe has openly admitted that she is unhappy about her body shape – which is naturally big anyway.

She’s also confessed that her mother takes a tough love approach to her size and weight problem by telling her she’s too fat or makes comparisons with her slimmer sister Kim.

These kind of remarks, especially from the mother will certainly have a negative effect on Khloe’s self esteem and self image. Also, she works in an industry where more value is put on a persons outer beauty rather than there personality.

This puts celebrities under constant pressure to look good and this only feeds their insecurities.

Although, Khloe looks great I suspect this new look and lifestyle is only temporary and that soon she’ll be putting the weight back on.

Not because she wants to, but because of her own insecurities and unhealthy relationship with food.

Improving Your Self Image And Relationship With Food

If Khloe Kashashian or you want to lose weight effectively and permanently then extreme dieting is not other answer.

What’s needed is a change of mindset towards food and building a more confident self-image.

If you have a low self-esteem you will need to work on this otherwise any snide remark about your weight or your own negative thinking is going to have you running for the cookie jar for some serious comfort eating.

This is too big a subject for this article to handle, however I do recommend an excellent book on this subject called  New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

Actually, when its comes to losing weight dieting actually makes the situation worse. You have to constantly use your will power to deprive yourself of food. This makes food the enemy and dieting becomes a battle with only one outcome.

The outcome – is the constant uphill struggle that wears you down until you throw in towel and give up. Unfortunately, people with a low self-esteem are always falling for fad diets that offer the quick fix.

Eat Food That’s Right For Your Body

The truth is, you don’t have to go to the lengths of extreme calorie restriction or intensive daily workouts. The trick is to eat the kind of foods that are right for your body.

Khloe got this part right by eating plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. These foods are naturally low in calories, but most importantly they contain essential nutrients for your body’s health and vitality.

Furthermore, fruits and vegetables are high in soluble fibers and these can help you lose weight naturally. When digested soluble fibers dissolve into a gel-like substance which slows down your digestion.

This has the effect of making you feel fuller for longer so you don’t have food cravings between meals. Also, soluble fiber balances out your blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol.

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