Is Proactol Safe

Obviously, losing a few pounds is going to improve the quality of your life  and give your confidence a much needed boost.

However, your health is important and the last thing you want to be doing is taking weight loss supplements that are going to put that at risk.

The fact is, there are a multitude of fat blockers, fat burners and fat binding products that are untested and down right dangerous to your health.

Which brings us to the question ……..Is Proactol Safe to use?

The simple answer is yes – Proactol is safe to use.


Because Proactol is;

  • A certified medical device
  • CE mark of approval – meaning this fat binder conforms with the essential safety requirements required under EC Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Medically backed and recommended by real doctors and nutritional experts.
  • Certified 100 % organic by the UK Vegetarian Society and EcoCert France.
  • Free from artificial additives, preservatives, colorings, flavorings and solvents.

Why Proactol Is Safe And Efficient

Its the way it works. You see, Proactol is a natural fat binder supplement that uses two forms of fibers that come direct from the prickly pear plant.

These natural fibers go to work on the food you eat. Conversely, chemical weight loss pills interfere or change the hormonal balances of the body, which often results in unpleasant side effects.

By binding to fat molecules these indigestible fibers prevents the body from absorbing them. Instead they’re harmlessly excreted from the body as waste.

For most people trying to control their food cravings is the number one challenge in trying to keep the weight off. However, the soluble fibers contained in Proactol act like a natural appetite suppressant that keeps the food cravings at bay.

Furthermore, soluble dietary fibers help your body reduce the absorption of cholesterol and regulate your blood sugar levels.

Its important to point out that balancing your blood sugar level is a vital factor in maintaining your energy levels and controlling your weight.

Clinical Trials

The natural ingredients used in Proactol have gone through a number of clinical studies to validate the claims they make. For example one clinical study conducted in February 2009 concluded;

Compared to placebo, the fibre complex significantly increased fecal fat excretion, reduced body weight (and BMI) and increased feeling of satiety. These were all achieved together with a very good tolerability.

We recommend that you visit the official Proactol website where you will find a full listing and in-depth findings on each clinical study.

Are There And Side Effects

As a natural weight loss supplement there have been no reports of significant Proactol side effects apart from bloating or flatulence, which are common when increasing your intake of dietary fiber.

If you’re interested in learning more about this popular fat binder check out my Proactol fat binder review.