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How To Lose Weight In One Day With Exercise

As its only 24 hours you need to realize that the weight you’ll lose will not be the result of fat loss but more to do with you losing your excess water weight.

The reason for this is simple – 24 hours just isn’t long enough to sufficiently lose fat. Its also not a healthy way to lose weight either.

To lose water you’ll need to drastically reduce the amount of salt in your body.

Why? Because salt enables the body to retain water and too much water retention causes you to bloat.

However, its important not to cut your sodium intake completely as this could lead to an electrolyte imbalance which can cause nausea, muscle cramps and in serious cases – kidney problems.

If you have any aspirations to lose 10 or even  2 pounds (lbs) then your being unrealistic. The maximum you can safely expect to lose is around 500 grams, which is approximately 2500 calories. This isn’t an exact figure as our bodies are all different.

Losing weight in 1 day is a method often used by athletes, especially boxers who need to make the weight limit before a fight. Cat walk models also use this technique to lose weight before a fashion show.

Here are 4 weight loss plans you can try out for your 24 hour crash diet.

4 Ways To Lose Weight In A Day

24 Hour Water Fast

A water fast means that you will be only drinking water and lots of it. This method is often used to detox and cleanse the body, but it also has the added benefit of helping you lose weight.

Water contains no calories and it also helps to lower the sodium levels in your body.

As we’re dealing with only 24 hours, most people shouldn’t have any problems with water fasting during this time period.

However, if you have a medical condition or your health is weak, then its advisable to speak with a doctor for advice or avoid this option altogether.

Vegetable Juicing Fast

A vegetable juice fast is less extreme than a 24 hour water fast, but its still an effective way to lose weight. I would point out that you should only juice vegetables for this fast and avoid fruits if you can.

Fruits are high in fructose and these natural sugars contain calories. Furthermore, the sweetness of fruits, especially the citrus variety can increase your appetite and food cravings.

You’ll obviously need a juicer to and reduce your calorie intake. Juice green leaf vegetables such as spinach or carrots, beet fruits and other vegetables that have a high water content.

Aim to drink a vegetable juice for breakfast, lunch and your evening meal and drink water between meals.

Have A Sauna

Believe or not sauna is an great way to help you lose weight. The high temperatures and humid conditions created by a sauna will make you sweat out plenty of water from your body.

You can even create your very own steam room by closing all doors and windows in your bathroom and filling the tub with hot water. For best results visit your local spa or health club and experience the real thing.

Again, I would point out – if you have a medical condition including high blood pressure – it would be advisable that you speak to your doctor first.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio style training involves short bursts of intensive exercise followed by short rest periods in between. There are many types of cardio exercises you can do which can include running, sprinting, star jumps, squats. press-ups, sit ups etc.

You can do a combination of these. For example, do a set for one minute and then take a 30 second rest period and then one minute set.

Repeat this rotation until you complete 12 sets of each exercise or whatever your current fitness level will allow. Make sure you drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

Try Capsiplex For The Extra Boost You’ll Need

For an extra boost consider taking a fat burner supplement. The only one we recommend is Capsiplex because its natural, safe and proven to work.

This natural fat burner contains chilli extract which has a thermogenic (warming) effect on the body that can help stimulate our metabolism. This can give us more energy and increase the rate of calories burned.

That’s why Capsiplex is designed to boost your performance during exercise. Clinical studies carried out on Capsiplex found that 278 more calories were burned during and after exercise.

The fact is, one day is a very short time, but any of the above methods will help you lose weight fast and if you want  to maximize your weight loss potential take a Capsiplex before you workout.

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