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How To Lose Weight Effectively And Keep It Off

In this article we will dispel a number of myths about diets. We will also discuss why diet and  weight loss programs are designed to fail and what alternatives you have to help you shed weight effectively and permanently.

Why Popular Diet Plans Don’t Work

Weight loss is a huge growing market. Each week you’ll see the latest fad or celebrity diet and weight loss plan hit the headlines, however the fact remains that more people than ever are overweight or becoming clinically obese.

With so many fat loss programs and diet pills available wouldn’t you think the rates of obesity would be going down not up?

The truth is, the vast majority of diets – no matter what amazing claims are made about them – are actually designed to fail.

You see,  the whole basis of a diet is to restrict your intake calories or deprive you of food. This takes will-power to succeed, but it becomes an uphill struggle. Its like trying to go forward with the hand brakes on.

At the beginning of a diet people are motivated, but once the novelty wears off  depriving themselves of food becomes a struggle. With temptations all around them exercising will power becomes stressful.

Also, a major failing of diets are their the end date. Once you’ve completed a diet what are you suppose to do? Unfortunately, most people put the weight back on again.

Changing The Way You Think About Food

If you really want to lose weight effectively and permanently you need to forget about the one-off diet syndrome. Maintaining a healthy weight is a about living a healthy lifestyle – its a change of mindset especially towards food.

The fact is, diets are designed to make food the enemy – you’re fighting against and this thinking goes completely against the biological blueprint of your body.

Food should be rejoiced as its a source of nourishment and healing for body and mind

You’ll be glad to hear that living this type of lifestyle does not require you to deprive or starve yourself of food or the need to do intensive exercise workouts everyday.

Safe weight loss is about eating the right kind of food – food your body was designed for.

Healthy food provides you with these vital essentials;

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  • The nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals to function effectively
  • Carbohydrates for energy and and cell renewal
  • Healthy fats that boost your metabolism and help you burn fat

Eating The Right Kind Of Food

The western diet has become saturated with processed foods. These foods are highly refined meaning their nutritional content has been stripped away. Even worse, these foods are full of saturated fats, sodium, sugar and chemical additives.

The truth is, if you eat these foods continually they will make you sick and increase the degeneration or aging of your body and mind.

The best advise I can give you is to eat foods that are natural and whole. These foods are either plucked from the ground or from the branch of a tree or shrub.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are designed for the human body because they contain the essential nutrients and enzymes that fuel and protect our bodies.

They even help you burn more calories. If you feed your  body with the fresh healthy food you will be rewarded with physical and emotional health and vitality.

Food shouldn’t be about counting the calories you eat or suppressing your natural hunger pangs. Food is a celebration – its enjoying what nature has to offer.

By eating a well balanced healthy diet your body will naturally lose weight.

You won’t need to go to the fitness gym everyday, because the energy you’re getting from natural foods will have you buzzing with a natural high.

Fruits and vegetables are low calorie foods that help you lose weight. Take the apple for example, it has on average 47 calories, but is packed with vitamins and minerals.

The apple is also a great source of soluble fiber which can slow down your rate of digestion and help you suppress your hunger pangs. It also lowers your cholesterol.

Natural Supplements

The truth is, access to fresh fruit and vegetables everyday is not always practical. There’s the cost to consider as well.

That’s why natural and safe weight loss pills are an excellent way to give you that extra boost you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

There are currently three on the market that we recommend because they work, are safe, use natural ingredients and don’t cause nasty side effects or health risks.

They’re are;

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