Can Green Tea Diet Pills Really Make You Lose Weight?

Heard about the fat burning properties of green tea weight loss pills? We've put together insider information, feedback & more in this revealing article.


green tea weight loss

Are green tea diet pills just another fad or could they actually help you lose weight?

Well, there are many green tea fat burner supplements on the market that claim they can.

However, I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and I think I can help you decide on an answer to that. Everything you need to know about it is outlined in the article below.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

The health benefits of drinking green tea are well known. For example, its claimed it can help improve the digestive system, reduce cholesterol levels, boost energy and combat mental fatigue, to name just a few.

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Its no wonder many health companies are selling their own brand of green tea weight loss pills as a natural solution to shedding stubborn fat.

The healthy properties of green tea are attributed to its antioxidant compounds called polyphenols.

These polyphenols are categorized as catechins and the most potent, active one to be found in green tea is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

A growing number of clinical trials reveal that these polyphenols have an important role in supporting our health, especially in the prevention of degenerate diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

In fact, recent scientific research is now focusing on proving EGCG antioxidant qualities to protect healthy cells in the body by mopping up the damaging effects of free radicals.

Green Tea Benefits For Weight Loss

For centuries the Chinese have been well aware of the health benefits associated with green tea. The West its taken a while to catch up, but the consumption of green tea is higher than ever as people have learned how it can help burn calories and even lower their cholesterol.

green tea diet pills girlEven famous celebrities such as Victoria Beckham have been rumored to drink Phu erh tea that reportly keeps you slim.

It seems the catechins in the green tea leaves have a thermogenic (fat burning effect) effect on the body. Additionally, tea contains caffeine which is well known to boost energy levels and increase metabolism.

In fact, according to the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, green tea is one of the most effective natural metabolic boosters.

Green tea is also rich in antioxidants and its believed these can help to burn fat faster when they are released in the blood stream. There is also a beneficial side effect of drinking green tea which is suppressing the appetite.

In addition, a clinical study by Ehime University in Japan found that oolong, a semi-oxidized tea, had anti-obesity effects. However, I would point out this study was carried out on mice, not humans.

Do Green Tea Diet Pills Work

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the taste of weight loss green tea. Some of us would prefer to swallow a pill than drink several cups everyday.

Currently there are several green tea dietary supplements available on the market. Most of these products are actually a concentrated extract of green tea.

To find out whether these pills work I researched a number of weight loss forums to gather feedback from people who were using these pills as part of a green tea diet plan. Overall the feedback was mixed.

For example, Joan from Maryland had a positive experience. She said;

“I don’t like the taste of green tea, so taking it in pill form was the best option for me.

I actually tried it last summer and it really work for me. I was doing exercises a lot on morning . I think the process of losing fat goes faster when taking the a green tea fat burner dietary supplement….

So yes  for me it worked I actually did lost more than 18 pounds and was able to fit into my bikini just in time for the summer again. Hope this helps.”

In contrast I found this feedback from a woman in another popular health forum;

I took 600mg of green tea extract for about a month after I quit coffee, just to ease the transition.

I cannot honestly say if it did anything for me or not. I know green tea has loads of positive reviews around, but I can tell you this much, it definitely helps with a flush of the system, because you will pee.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it will detox your system, but I do think it did help somewhat just by the sheer volume of pee. Granted more water would do that too.

Obviously, these aren’t comprehensive findings but they do give you a snap shot of what people think. As you can tell from the responses above it seems that green tea diet pills are working for some people but not others.

Green Tea Diet Pills Side Effects

Very few, if any side effects of green tea diet pills have been recorded. However, drinking large amounts of green tea may lead to insomnia and anxiety. These symptoms are often related to caffeine contained within the tea.

There have been isolated reports that high levels of extract in certain slimming pills may interfere with the absorption of iron from certain plant based foods.

For people who are prone to iron deficiencies, its recommended that they seek the advice of their doctor before taking green tea extract diet pills.

Which Is The Best Weight Loss Tea

There are a few things you need to consider, if you plan on buying a green tea diet supplement.

Firstly, there are 2 types on the market. There are pills that only contain 100% green tea extract while other products use a combination of tea extract and other weight loss ingredients such as raspberry ketone and chromium picolinate. green tea extra strength diet pills

When used in combination with these powerful appetite suppressing ingredients, they are said to be more effective at burning calories.

Secondly, its important the tea extract contains high levels of epigallocatechin as its these polyphenols that have the weight loss properties.

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