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Gluten Free Diet For Weight Loss – Can It Make You Thin

Could a gluten free diet be the solution to your weight loss problem?

Well, many celebrities including Oprah and Gwyneth Palthrow seem to think so. These are just a few of the celeb endorsements that are championing gluten free as the latest way to shed the weight.

It turns out, that losing weight is not the only benefit as going gluten free is good for increasing energy levels an producing healthier looking skin.

Gluten Allergies

Actually, gluten free diets were specifically designed for people with a gluten allergy.  Wheat, barley and rye have a protein called gluten which contains an intestinal irritant called gliadin.

The body can tolerate gliadin in small quantities, however wheat is everywhere from bread, cookies, cereals,cakes, pastries and even pasta. Furthermore, the baking increases the potency of gliadin.

Too much wheat can lead to gluten sensitivity and its currently estimated as many as 1 in 10 people may have a gluten intolerance.

For many people, being allergic to gluten can mean symptoms of constant fatigue and even depression.  In severe cases, gluten sensitive people can suffer from Celiac disease which develops when the tiny villi of the small intestines are worn away completely.

Celiac disease can lead to many health complications including malabsorption, stunted growth and weight loss. In particular, the malabsorption of vital nutrients can lead to osteoporosis and a greater risk of cancer later on in life.

For these reasons, people who are allergic to gluten need to avoid it.

The Gluten Free Diet And Weight Loss

So, can eating gluten-free food really make you lose weight.

There’s no doubt that omitting foods high in gluten such as pasta, bread, donuts are going to have a positive effect on your weight.

However, many health experts are saying that going gluten free is no guarantee that you’ll lose weight.

In fact, a lot of gluten-free foods are processed, high in carbs and calories which means you are more likely to put the weight on than off.

As mentioned earlier people with celiac disease can lose weight, not because they want to, but because there condition prevents them from absorbing valuable nutrients.

When they go on a gluten free diet they actually put on weight as a result of their digestive system healing itself and absorbing nutrients from food.

Gluten-Free Diet Misconceptions

Many people still associate gluten free on the packaging as food that’s going to help them lose weight even if the packet is full of chocolate chip cookies.

Food companies have jumped on this trend created by Hollywood celebrities by producing a range of gluten free foods and positioned them in the market as helping people lose weight.

Even restaurants have their own specially designed menu for gluten free dishes not to mention the growing number of cookbooks full of gluten-free recipes.

On the other hand, a gluten free diet has its benefits as multi grand slam tennis champion Novak Djokovic can attest to. He found out he was allergic to gluten and changed his diet accordingly. He has credited his winning performances in the US Open and Wimbledon to going gluten free.

The general consensus, is that cutting out gluten definitely does have its health benefits, however omitting gluten should be done for the right reasons, not because a celebrity is endorsing it.

The most effective way to lose weight is to eat a healthy well balanced diet containing natural whole foods, especially organic fruits and vegetables and cutting out processed foods. This should be combined with a regular exercise routine.

Although losing fat takes time and commitment, the extra boost provided by a natural weight loss supplement that’s safe and proven to work enables you to achieve your weight loss goals much faster.

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