5 Crazy Extreme Weight Loss Diet Ideas

People desperate to look thin will do anything to shed fat. Don’t believe me - check out these 5 crazy extreme weight loss ideas people are actually doing.

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Weight Loss Hormone Urine Injections

weight loss urine injectionsYou may already be aware of the hCG which is a hormone that has been promoted to help women lose weight. HCG or to give its full name, human coriogonic gotrophin,  is a female hormone that is produced in the urine during pregnancy.

This extreme weight loss diet involves injecting yourself with urine that contains the hCG hormone.

So, why would you want to inject urine into you.

Well, according to Iris McCarthy of Success of Weight Loss Systems the hCG tricks the brain into thinking its pregnant. In this way, the body’s metabolism is increased.

Its also important to point out the injections have to be taken with a extremely low calorie diet.

Although there are many hCG diets on the markets, many doctors are sceptical about the hormones effectiveness at losing weight.


If you experience weight loss its highly likely more of a result of the highly restrictive diets, some of which recommend eating as little as 500 calories a day.

Highly restrictive diets are potentially dangerous shouldn’t be undertaken without your doctors supervision.

The truth is, there are many studies whose results have revealed HCG has no effect whatsoever in making you lose weight

With this extreme diet you should be thinking whose piss am I injecting into my body today!

Our verdict is – give this one a miss.

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