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Where Can I Buy Capsiplex In Ireland

Snap Shot - Capsiplex Sport 

capsiplex sport review

Use: boosts energy levels to perform higher intensity workouts and increased calorie burn.

Description:  natural weight control supplement using the metabolic burning properties of chilli peppers. 

Price: £29.99 (1 month supply) 


  • Clinically Proven Results
  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Only 1 Pill per Day
  • Up to 50% Savings on Multi-buy Offers 
  • Risk Free - 60 Day Guarantee


  • Not a magic pill as regular exercise is required to get results
  • some users have experienced mild side effects 
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Capsiplex is currently one of the top selling fat burners in the UK, but is Capsiplex available incapsiplex ireland Ireland?

Are there any Capsiplex Ireland stockists ?

Unfortunately, you won’t find Capsiplex in any Irish departmental store, supermarket or pharmacy.

The reason …. is because Capsiplex is only available on-line from the manufacturers official website.

However, there are many good reasons why this effective fat burner is sold exclusively online;

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  • Lower costs means you benefit from cheaper prices.
  • The more bottles you order the more you save – you can even qualify for free delivery.
  • Capsiplex online means its available to everyone in the UK, Ireland, USA and worldwide.
  • Buying Capsiplex from the manufacturers official website means your purchasing the genuine product not a cheap rip-off.

Why Capsiplex Has Become A Hot Seller

The Capsiplex fat burner was launched in the United Kingdom in 2009 and over 52,000 bottles were sold out within 3 days of it going on sale.

Capsiplex is not only big in the UK and Ireland. It has been recommended to top Hollywood actors and celebrities including Brad Pitt, Anjelina Jolie, Jenifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

It turns out, Capsiplex is proven to burn more calories more efficiently. Taking just one capsule before your fitness workout has the potential to burn off an extra 278 calories during and after your exercise routine.

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Just think about it – if you could lose 278 calories a day that would add up to 25 pounds of fat lost in one year – how good would that make you feel and look?


Because Capsiplex helps you burn fat more efficiently you don’t have to a follow a strict or intensive exercise program. In fact, Capsiplex enables you to get more out of your work outs so you don’t have to exercise as long. 

Capsiplex Ingredients

Its success is down to a unique combination of natural ingredients that boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite.

You will also be glad to hear that Capsiplex pills are completely safe because they’re made from 100% natural ingredients – its completely chemical free. As a safe slimming pill you won’t experience any of the nasty effects associated with many prescribed diet tablets in Ireland and the UK.

The main active ingredient is the extract of capsicum which is also known as chillie or cayenne pepper. The capsicum peppers are also combined with piperine, niacin and caffeine for added potency.

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  • Capsicum extract – creates a thermogenic effect that helps raise the body’s metabolic rate. Capsicum also has a beneficial effect on helping to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol.
  • Piperine – is an extract of black pepper and this is helps to boost the thermogenic effect created by the capsicum extract. In addition piperine is very good at helping your body absorb nutrients more effectively.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) – vital for energy production and helps balance your blood sugar level which controls your appetite. Also known to lower cholesterol, aid digestion and improve your skin condition.
  • Caffeine – Capsiplex contains small amounts to boost metabolism, reduce tiredness and aid efficient fat burning.

Fed Up With Weight Loss Pills Not Working – Try Capsiplex

If your fed up with weight loss pills and leading slimming tablets not working, then you need to give Capsiplex a try because its working for many people.

If your serious about losing weight and want a proven fat burner pill that works and is safe to use – take a closer look at Capsiplex today.

By the way, there are still amazing discounts that you can take advantage of – but you must take action now before its too late.

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