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Where To Buy Capsiplex Cheap Without Getting Ripped Off!

buy capsiplex cheap

At the moment you can only buy Capsiplex cheap online, however the popular natural slimming supplement can also be purchased at Harrod’s – London’s world famous department store.

So, if you live in the UK or you’re visiting London any time soon – don’t waste the opportunity – to get hold of a few bottles of the fat burner that celebrities swear by.

If you don’t fancy the inconvenience and hassle of high street shopping you can buy the Capsiplex fat burner from the comfort of your home.

Only from the official Capsiplex website can you take advantage of the many discounts that offer massive savings on the regular price plus free shipping.

Advanced Health LTD

Although the website is UK based international shipping is offered at competitive rates to overseas customers.

Furthermore, you can use their 24 Hour International Customer Service Hotline to answer any of your questions and order conveniently and quickly over the phone.

These are the 24 Hour Customer Hotline phone numbers:

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  • United Kingdom  –  0208 945 5042
  • United States & Canada – 1-888-761-9269
  • Australia – 1-888-761-9269
  • France – +33-1708-09354
  • Germany – +44 (0) 845 279 7207

Use A Discount Coupon Code For Up Massive Savings

As an official affiliate of Capsiplex we at www.SafeDietPillsHq.com work hard to find our readers the latest discount codes that can enable them save money for a truly quality and highly researched product.

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Using the coupon is very simple.

When you’ve decided on the quantity of bottles you want go straight to the order form, then click on the coupon link below, type in your code, press the apply coupon button and your discount is automatically calculated.

Take advantage of the regular multi-buy offers as you can save as much as 5% off the regular price including free shipping.

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Beware Of Online Scammers

Unfortunately, con artists are ripping off unsuspecting people by promoting to good to be true ‘free trial offers. These are nothing but scams and you need to use your due diligence to avoid being ripped off.

In fact, the free offers are there to entice people to enrol in a monthly paid subscription. You are enrolled automatically when you provide your credit card details.

Unless you cancel before the free trial ends your credit card is billed each month. Its easy to miss the deadline because these scammers have hidden it away in the terms of reference or small print.

Although a free trial can be hard to resist, the best advise is to avoid it. The truth is, free Capsiplex bottles are not offered on the official website.

Another place to watch out for is E Bay. Certain  sellers on E bay sell the genuine  Capsiplex diet pills, however they inflate the prices greatly.

Only Buy Capsiplex Through The Official Site

The best advice we can give you is avoid these scammers and only buy from the official website.

In this way you’ll be guaranteed the peace of mind knowing that you’re buying a genuine quality product and not to mention the many discount and free shipping promotions that are currently on offer.

So, what are you waiting for, buy Capsiplex cheap through the Official website – click here.