Bee Pollen Diet Pills – Can They Really Help You Lose Weight?

bee pollen diet supplements

If you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss regime, then bee pollen diet pills could be the answer you need to get back on track

When it comes to losing weight there’s no shortage of weight loss products claiming you will loses weight. In fact, hundreds of new diet pills appear on the market each year and bee pollen weight loss pills are one of the newcomers getting a lot more attention than most.

So, what’s all the fuss about.

What Exactly Is Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is the food of the honey bee. They produce it by collecting pollen, which is the fine powdered grain produced by the male flower, then compacting it tightly and mixing it with honey.

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Bee Pollen And Weight Loss

Due to its popularity many bee pollen diet pills reviews promote the natural food source as a weight loss aid.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear scientific evidence to support the claim that it can reduce weight. However, the number of people who have experienced weight loss using bee pollen supplements is increasing.

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Bee pollen is naturally low in calories, has qualities that may naturally lower weight and help keep it off.


It seems that bee pollen, which is naturally low in calories, has a number of qualities that may naturally lower weight and help you keep it off.

This positive effect on weight could be linked to bee pollen’s stimulating effect on the body’s metabolism. It’s claimed it can help burn more calories and fight fatigue by boosting endurance levels during exercise. Its for this reason, many professional athletes use bee pollen capsules to improve and sustain performance levels.

In fact, bee pollen has been used as a natural energy booster for thousands of years, even going back as far as the Egyptians.

Bee pollen also contains lecithin, a lipid that has been shown to reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) which is better known as bad cholesterol. Remember, a healthy liver is essential for detoxifying the body and flushing out unwanted fat from the body.

Furthermore, pollen contains the essential  amino acid phenylalanine, an important building block of proteins in the body. Known to help suppress the appetite, this amino acid can help you resist the temptations of snacking.

Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen

Many of the worlds leading nutritionists consider bee pollen one of natures most nourishing foods. Not only is bee pollen nutrition an excellent source of  protein, it also contains several vitamins and nutrients that can benefit the human body.

For example, its a good source of folic acid and vitamin B-complex. Its also high in protein levels and because they these proteins are in the form of amino acids, they can be utilized by the body far more effectively.

But that’s not all.

Here’s a great list of bee pollen health benefits by Food Matters

Soothing Skin Inflammation

Bee pollen granules contain certain vitamins and amino acids that can protect and regenerate skin cells. Its for this reason that many skin care products to treat inflammatory conditions such as eczema contain bee pollen extract.

Respiratory System

The antioxidants in bee pollen are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that may have a soothing effect on the lungs as well as reducing the risk of asthma.

Allergy Treatment

Pollen can reduce levels of histamine which in turn can alleviate the many symptoms of allergies. In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Leo Conway, M.D of Denver Colorado, found that after administering bee pollen over ninety four per cent of his patients became free of their allergy symptoms. These allergies were wide ranging from asthma to sinus problems and confirmed the powerful effect that pee pollen can have on allergic conditions and diseases.

Digestion Aid

As well as health boosting vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals, bee pollen also has properties that can help give us a healthy digestive system. In fact, these enzymes help the body acquire much needed nutrients from the food in your diet. Bee pollen can also have a laxative effect on the colon to help prevent constipation.

Immune System Booster

Pollen can help create the right intestinal environment for good bacteria to grow and therefore, strengthen our immunity from infections and disease. According to nutritional health expert Dr. Mercola, bee pollen contains antibiotic properties that could prevent viruses attacking the body. Furthermore, pollen has high levels of antioxidants which can protect our cells from free radical damage.

Treats Cravings

Bee pollen’s appetite suppressing properties can help people who find it hard to lose weight. These properties can help reduce food cravings, which is beneficial in helping people lose weight effectively.

Supporting Cardiovascular Health

It turns out, bee pollen has large amounts of Rutin, which is a antioxidant that can help treat circulatory problems, lower cholesterol and strengthen blood vessels. Rutin may also help to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack as it also has anti-clotting properties.

Prostate Health

Bee pollen’s anti-inflammatory properties may provide relief in men who suffer from urinary problems such as prostatitis or benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

Infertility Problems

Research has found that bee pollen can stimulate the functions of the ovaries, for this reason it may help speed up pregnancy. Additionally it can boost your hormones to improve reproductive health.

Bee Pollen Weight Loss Side Effects

bee pollen side effectsIt seems the vast majority of people are benefiting from taking bee pollen without any serious side effects. However, there have been a few incidents were people have experienced allergic reactions.

Certain groups of people are more at risk of bee pollen dangers than others. Most cases have involved patients with a history of allergic reactions to pollen. The symptoms that have been reported include itchy skin, hives, swelling and shortness of breath.

If you have a history of allergic reactions, for example hay fever, then check with your doctor first before taking bee pollen diet pills.

Its also important to follow the exact bee pollen dosage guidelines as stated on the bottle and not be tempted to take more than the recommended amount.

Bee pollen is not recommended for pregnant women and should be avoided when breastfeeding.

To Recap

More testing needs to be carried out to determine whether pee pollen has a direct effect on weight loss. However, it seems that many people are experiencing good results from taking it.

As pointed out earlier, bee pollen is considered to have many heath benefits. Buts its the energy boosting and appetite suppressing qualities that can be an important ally in overcoming the inevitable roadblocks and plateaus that come with successfully losing weight.

Where Can I Buy Bee Pollen Diet Pills

Its important to emphasize that diet pills with bee pollen are not ‘miracle’ drugs, therefore be wary of any products that make similar claims.

When choosing natural bee pollen dietary supplements make sure they are good quality because not all are created equal. You will want to choose a supplement that is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

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The best bee pollen is sourced from safe areas free from pollutants and other toxic contaminants.


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